Friday, December 25, 2009

How this crazy thing will work this year

For anyone who is new (and returning players read on for the changes) this is how it works.

I will post games and events that I think we should make predictions for. You make your predictions by making a reader comment. You can register with or you can leave it as annonymous. If you leave an annonymous comment, make sure you sign your name. If I set it up correctly (which with my Polish upbringing is a big IF) the comments won't be visible on the page until I make them visible. You have until game time (or a previously established deadline) to do this.

When I post a question, I will also post the scoring for that question. Some games or events will be worth more points or have built in bonuses for things like exact spread predictions and so on. Please make suggestions for games and questions when you leave predictions.

Points will not be lost for wrong predictions or missed deadlines this year, however players not predicting will be losing ground on their opponents. Because of this I will try to guarantee that all postings will allow for at least 48 hours of response time. I also send out an e-mail whenever I leave a new post.

Standings will be posted whenever I get a chance, and predictions will be posted every few days.

I will send out an e-mail to your preferred e-mail address whenever I make a new post so that you will know to check the site. I also send out text messages when I can to those who haven’t left predictions if they are getting close to missing a deadline. For that reason I am asking everyone who wants to play to leave an e-mail that they check regularly and a cell phone number as a comment to this post. They will not be seen by anyone but me.

I will post the first big question (BCS Bowl Games) very soon.

Good luck and happy prognosticating.


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