Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Austrailian Open (Jan. 18 - Jan. 31)

This is they way we scored tennis last year. I'm willing to take suggestions for adjustments if you think it could be tweaked a little. Let me know before the deadline if you have changes. Otherwise we will continue with the way it is described below.

Basically, you get 3 points for each person you pick to be in the final and 5 points if you get the champion correct.

Sample scores:
11 points - you correctly predict the final match and the winner.
8 points - you correctly predict the winner of the final match but not their opponent
6 points - you correctly predict the final match but choose the wrong winner.
3 points - you correctly predict one of the two people who particpate in the final but have the wrong champion.

Don't forget to pick both the Men's and Women's tournaments. Who will be in the final and who will win? When you link to the draw make sure you highlight ecah area so that you predict a final that can actually occur.

Deadline - Sunday at noon.

The draw should be announced later today. When it is the links below should take you there.

Men's Draw:

Actual Result: (1) Federer def. (5) Murray
Brownie: NONE (0pts)
Butters: (2) Nadal def. (1) Federer (3pts)
Carmen: (2) Nadal def. (3) Djokovic (0pts)
Dave: (7) Roddick def. (1) Federer (3pts)
Jeff: (2) Nadal def. (1) Federer (3pts)
Kubatski: (1) Federer def. (2) Nadal (8pts)
Kubatski III: (1) Federer def. (2) Nadal (8pts)
Kubatski Sr: (2) Nadal def. (1) Federer (3pts)
Marty: (5) Murray def. (3) Djokovic (3pts)
McClain: (1) Federer def. (5) Murray (11pts)
Murray: (6) Davydenko def. (7) Roddick (0pts)
Oliver: (1) Federer def. (2) Nadal (8pts)
Paulie: (1) Federer def. (7) Roddick (8pts)
Princess G: (1) Federer def. (2) Nadal (8pts)
Scott S: (1) Federer def. (5) Murray (11pts)
Scott T: (1) Federer def. (2) Nadal (8pts)
Waders: (2) Nadal def. (1) Federer

Women's Draw:

Actual Result: (1) S. Williams def. Henin
Brownie: NONE (0pts)
Butters: (15) Clijsters def. (20) Ivanovic (0pts)
Carmen: (2) Safina def. (4) Wozniacki (0pts)
Dave: (2) Safina def. (1) S. Williams (3pts)
Jeff: (2) Safina def. (1) S. Williams (3pts)
Kubatski: (1) S. Williams def. (2) Safina (8pts)
Kubatski III: (1) S. Williams def. (3) Kuznetsova (8pts)
Kubatski Sr: (1) S. Williams def. (2) Safina (8pts)
Marty: (15) Clijsters def. (9) Zvonareva (0pts)
McClain: (1) S. Williams def. (3) Kuznetsova (8pts)
Murray: (1) S. Williams def. (2) Safina (8pts)
Oliver: (1) S. Williams def. (2) Safina (8pts)
Paulie: (1) S. Williams def. (15) Clijsters (8pts)
Princess G: (1) S. Williams def. (2) Safina (8pts)
Scott S: (1) S. Williams def. (5) Dementieva (8pts)
Scott T: (1) S. Williams def. (2) Safina (8pts)
Waders: (2) Safina def. (6) V. Williams

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