Monday, June 21, 2010

MLB Weekend Series (June 25-27)

Let's do two only because I'm not asking you to pick anything else all week.

I wanted to use the Tigers/Braves here for Ron and I but the pitching match-ups aren't set yet.
I also wanted to use the Rockies/Angels here but Jiminez isn't pitching and I really wanted say Ubaldo.

Philadelphia Phillies at Toronto Blue Jays (Halladay returns)

Actual Results:
Friday: Phillies 9-0
Saturday: Blue Jays 5-1
Sunday: Phillies 11-2

Butters: Phillies 2-1 (Fri, Sat) (2pts)
Carmen: Blue Jays 2-1 (Sat, Sun) (0pts)
Dave: NONE (0pts)
Jeff: Phillies 3-0 (1pt)
Katie: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Blue Jays 2-1 (Sat, Sun) (0pts)
Kubatski III: Phillies 3-0 (1pt)
Kubatski Sr: Phillies 2-1 (Fri, Sun) (4pts)
Marty: Phillies 3-0 (1pt)
Murray: Phillies 3-0 (1pt)
Oliver: Phillies 2-1 (Fri, Sat) (2pts)
Paulie: Phillies 2-1 (Fri, Sun) (4pts)
Princess G: Blue Jays 2-1 (Fri, Sun) (0pts)
Scott S: Phillies 3-0 (1pt)
Waders: Phillies 2-1 (Fri, Sat) (2pts)

Chicago Cubs at Chicago White Sox (The things I do for you guys)

Actual Result:
Friday: White Sox 6-0
Saturday: White Sox 3-2
Sunday: Cubs 8-6

Butters: White Sox 2-1 (Fri, Sun) (2pts)
Carmen: White Sox 3-0 (1pt)
Dave: NONE (0pts)
Jeff: White Sox 3-0 (1pt)
Katie: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: White Sox 2-1 (Fri, Sun) (2pts)
Kubatski III: White Sox 2-1 (Sat, Sun) (2pts)
Kubatski Sr: White Sox 3-0 (1pt)
Marty: White Sox 3-0 (1pt)
Murray: White Sox 2-1 (Fri, Sat) (4pts)
Oliver: White Sox 3-0 (1pt)
Paulie: Cubs 2-1 (Fri, Sat) (0pts)
Princess G: White Sox 2-1 (Sat, Sun) (2pts)
Scott S: Cubs 2-1 (Sat, Sun) (0pts)
Waders: Cubs 3-0 (0pts)

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