Monday, September 6, 2010

College Football Preview

Finally, football is back.

Sorry about the delay here but we've a got a lot to do. I'm only asking for things that will determined before the end of the calendar year.

First, predict the champion from each of the BCS conferences. (3pts each)


Actual Champion: Virginia Tech
Butters: Miami (0pts)
Carmen: Florida State (0pts)
Dave: Virginia Tech (3pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Miami (0pts)
Kubatski III: Florida State (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Miami (0pts)
Marty: Miami (0pts)
Murray: Virginia Tech (3pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Miami (0pts)
Princess G: Georgia Tech (0pts)
Scott S: Virginia Tech (3pts)
Waders: Virginia Tech (3pts)

Big East

Actual Champion: Connecticut
Butters: West Virginia (0pts)
Carmen: West Virginia (0pts)
Dave: Pittsburgh (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Pittsburgh (0pts)
Kubatski III: Cincinnati (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: West Virginia (0pts)
Marty: West Virginia (0pts)
Murray: West Virginia (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Pittsburgh (0pts)
Princess G: West Virginia (0pts)
Scott S: Cincinnati (0pts)
Waders: Pittsburgh (0pts)

Big Ten

Actual Champion: Wisconsin
Butters: Ohio State (0pts)
Carmen: Ohio State (0pts)
Dave: Ohio State (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Ohio State (0pts)
Kubatski III: Ohio State (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Ohio State (0pts)
Marty: Iowa (0pts)
Murray: Iowa (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Ohio State (0pts)
Princess G: Ohio State (0pts)
Scott S: Ohio State (0pts)
Waders: Ohio State (0pts)


Actual Champion: Oklahoma
Butters: Oklahoma (3pts)
Carmen: Oklahoma (3pts)
Dave: Texas (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Nebraska (0pts)
Kubatski III: Texas (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Oklahoma (3pts)
Marty: Nebraska (0pts)
Murray: Nebraska (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Oklahoma (3pts)
Princess G: Texas (0pts)
Scott S: Texas (0pts)
Waders: Texas (0pts)


Actual Champion: Oregon
Butters: Oregon (3pts)
Carmen: Oregon (3pts)
Dave: Stanford (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Oregon (3pts)
Kubatski III: Oregon (3pts)
Kubatski Sr: Oregon State (0pts)
Marty: Oregon (3pts)
Murray: Oregon (3pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: USC (0pts)
Princess G: Oregon (3pts)
Scott S: Oregon (3pts)
Waders: Oregon (3pts)


Actual Champion: Auburn
Butters: Alabama (0pts)
Carmen: Alabama (0pts)
Dave: Alabama (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Alabama (0pts)
Kubatski III: Alabama (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Alabama (0pts)
Marty: Alabama (0pts)
Murray: Alabama (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Alabama (0pts)
Princess G: Auburn (3pts)
Scott S: Alabama (0pts)
Waders: Alabama (0pts)

Next, predict who will win each of the following awards. (2pts each)

Heisman Trophy (Outstanding Player)

Actual Player: Cam Newton, Auburn
Butters: Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State (0pts)
Carmen: Denard Robinson, Michigan (0pts)
Dave: Mark Ingram, Alabama (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Denard Robinson, Michigan (0pts)
Kubatski III: Mark Ingram, Alabama (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon State (0pts)
Marty: Ryan Mallet, Arkansas (0pts)
Murray: Kellen Moore, Boise State (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Denard Robinson, Michigan (0pts)
Princess G: Mark Ingram, Alabama (0pts)
Scott S: Jake Locker, Washington (0pts)
Waders: Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State

Dick Butkus Award (Outstanding Linebacker)

Actual Player: Von Miller, Texas A&M
Butters: Akeem Ayers, UCLA (0pts)
Carmen: Mark Herzlich, Boston College (0pts)
Dave: Greg Jones, Michigan State (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Manti Te’o, Notre Dame (0pts)
Kubatski III: Tank Carder, TCU (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Greg Jones, Michigan State (0pts)
Marty: Mark Herzlich, Boston College (0pts)
Murray: Manti Te’o, Notre Dame (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Manti Te’o, Notre Dame (0pts)
Princess G: Trevin Wade, Arizona (0pts)
Scott S: Greg Jones, Michigan State (0pts)
Waders: Jonas Mouton, Michigan (0pts)

Outland Trophy (Outstanding Interior Lineman)

Actual Player: Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin
Butters: Jermaine Love, Arkansas (0pts)
Carmen: Adrian Taylor, Oklahoma (0pts)
Dave: Matt Reynolds, BYU (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Sam Acho, Texas (0pts)
Kubatski III: Jared Crick, Nebraska (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Adrian Clayborn, Iowa (0pts)
Marty: Karl Klug, Iowa (0pts)
Murray: Jake Kirkpatrick, TCU (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Sam Acho, Texas (0pts)
Princess G: Jason Pinkston, Pittsburg (0pts)
Scott S: Kristofer O’Dowd, USC (0pts)
Waders: Barrett Jones, Alabama (0pts)

Chuck Bednarik Award (Defensive Player of the Year)

Actual Player: Patrick Peterson, LSU
Butters: Robert Quinn, North Carolina (0pts)
Carmen: Mark Herzlich, Boston College (0pts)
Dave: Prince Amukamara, Nebraska (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Sam Acho, Texas (0pts)
Kubatski III: Bruce Miller, Central Florida (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Greg Jones, Michigan State (0pts)
Marty: Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma (0pts)
Murray: Ryan Winterswyk, Boise State (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Jack Crawford, Penn State (0pts)
Princess G: Cameron Heyward, Ohio State (0pts)
Scott S: Cameron Heyward, Ohio State (0pts)
Waders: Sam Acho, Texas (0pts)

Fred Biletnikoff Award (Outstanding Wide Receiver)

Actual Player: Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State
Butters: A.J. Green, Georgia (0pts)
Carmen: A.J. Green, Georgia (0pts)
Dave: A.J. Green, Georgia (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Julio Jones, Alabama (0pts)
Kubatski III: A.J. Green, Georgia (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Michael Floyd, Notre Dame (0pts)
Marty: Julio Jones, Alabama (0pts)
Murray: Julio Jones, Alabama (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Michael Floyd, Notre Dame (0pts)
Princess G: Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma (0pts)
Scott S: A.J. Green, Georgia (0pts)
Waders: Julio Jones, Alabama

Doak Walker Award (Outstanding Running Back)

Actual Player: LaMichael James, Oregon
Butters: Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State (0pts)
Carmen: Mark Ingram, Alabama (0pts)
Dave: John Clay, Wisconsin (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: John Clay, Wisconsin (0pts)
Kubatski III: Mark Ingram, Alabama (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Jacquizz Rodgers, Oregon State (0pts)
Marty: Noel Devine, West Virginia (0pts)
Murray: Ryan Williams, Virginia Tech (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Dan Herron, Ohio State (0pts)
Princess G: Mark Ingram, Alabama (0pts)
Scott S: John Clay, Wisconsin (0pts)
Waders: Jeremy Avery, Boise State

Lou Groza Award (Outstanding Place Kicker)...That's one's for you Murray!

Actual Player: Dan Bailey, Oklahoma State
Butters: Dustin Hopkins, Florida State (0pts)
Carmen: Ross Evans, TCU (0pts)
Dave: Kai Forbath, UCLA (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Kai Forbath, UCLA (0pts)
Kubatski III: Kai Forbath, UCLA (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Kai Forbath, UCLA (0pts)
Marty: Kevin Goessling, Fresno State (0pts)
Murray: Gran Ressel, Missouri (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Matt Bosher, Miami (0pts)
Princess G: Kai Forbath, UCLA (0pts)
Scott S: Kai Forbath, UCLA (0pts)
Waders: Kyle Brotzman, Boise State (0pts)

Home Depot Award (Coach of the Year)

Actual Coach: Gene Chizik, Auburn
Butters: Steve Spurrier, South Carolina (0pts)
Carmen: Paul Johnson, Georgia Tech (0pts)
Dave: Gary Patterson, TCU (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Chris Petersen, Boise State (0pts)
Kubatski III: Nick Saban, Alabama (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Chris Petersen, Boise State (0pts)
Marty: Kirk Ferentz, Iowa (0pts)
Murray: Chris Petersen, Boise State (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Bret Bielema, Wisconsin (0pts)
Princess G: Nick Saban, Alabama (0pts)
Scott S: Gary Patterson, TCU (0pts)
Waders: Chris Petersen, Boise State

Finally, name the two teams that will play in the National Championship Game. (5pts per team)

Actual Championship Matchup: Auburn vs. Oregon
Butters: Alabama vs. Ohio State (0pts)
Carmen: Alabama vs. Ohio State (0pts)
Dave: Boise State vs. Ohio State (0pts)
Jeff: NONE (0pts)
Kubatski: Alabama vs. Boise State (0pts)
Kubatski III: Alabama vs. Ohio State (0pts)
Kubatski Sr: Alabama vs. Ohio State (0pts)
Marty: Iowa vs. Nebraska (0pts)
Murray: Boise State vs. Ohio State (0pts)
Oliver: NONE (0pts)
Paulie: Ohio State vs. Oklahoma (0pts)
Princess G: Alabama vs. Boise State (0pts)
Scott S: Boise State vs. Ohio State (0pts)
Waders: Alabama vs. Boise State (0pts)

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